Reel Cinema Fest

A Tree Remembers

This is the story of Lidice, levelled and – literally – eradicated by the Nazis in retaliation for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague. However, despite the heavy death toll it paid, the Czech village not only was not erased from the map but constitutes a symbol in the fight against Fascism.





Behold A Pale Horse

A man (Justin Anderson) experiences the dark, paranormal consequences of his actions following the brutal revenge murder of his wife and wife's lover.







A broken, haunted girl videotapes herself, determined to end her life. She struggles so much with being bullied in her school and community for her mother being a prostitute. She struggles to hold onto some meaning in her life.







Olivia is a teenager who has spent her life taking care of her alcoholic mother. She pours herself into the performance art of dance as a coping mechanism to process the neglect she experiences as a little girl. By “dancing it all away” and collecting bumper stickers (or platitudes) that she tapes to her ceiling, she is able to overcome her challenges. Along the way, she learns that heroes can be flawed yet still be heroes and that life can’t be boiled down to one-line platitudes. 





“Maija” delves into some of the intricacies of the Bakweri culture. It examines the link the Bakweri people have between menstruation and Albinism. Will you stand for “tradition” however repulsive and mundane it is, when it comes knocking at your door? That is the debate Maija hopes to start.





The Selftape

Los Angeles. April 2020. An inopportune encounter with an actor seeking employment while in quarantine.






 An FBI agent needs to take down a powerful drug cartel owned by his brother.






The Story Of Englewood

This animatic story embodies my desire to make people proud to be from Englewood/Chicago and the story is meant to bring out the imagination, wonder and beauty of where I grew up to counter the negative narrative that dominates so much of the media and create my own. There's so much beauty in the city and you don't have to dig deep to find it. It's right in front of you.

Chicago has 77 neighborhoods and it woudln't be what it is without Englewood's existence.



SONOLUMIN is a stop-frame animated film exploring the relationship of light, sound, and space.






Are You Listening

After witnessing the ultimate betrayal from his wife and best friend, Brian contemplates suicide. Considering death as his only option, Brian lashes out at God for abandoning him. His misplaced hurt and anger renders Brian unable to realize that God is there with him the whole time.





Obsessed by a woman, an unstable man starts a restless hunt.






Quiet On Set

A woman struggles to keep her sanity as she deals with a neighbor that terrorizes suburbia with loud noises.






The Conscience

An actor struggles with his right before a big audition.





The Curse Of Bryerstone

The year is 1885 and the small town of Bryerstone is visited by Razell Withernitch, a mysterious witch doctor. One by one the town citizens are tempted to try his strange brew which erupts everything into chaos.





Space Goblins

They're taking no prisoners ...or are they?

Cast adrift in a galaxy at war with itself, two brothers struggle to overcome the hordes of feuding criminals, terrorists and warlords that threaten to overrun the entire universe. Planets are covered in towering skyscrapers, huge machines of slaughter, everywhere there is evidence of the rapid descent into chaos and madness that awaits us all. Mutant gangs, entire planets enslaved by cruel masters, an array of vicious and cunning alien species inhabiting every city, every outpost, every encampment. It's just another routine mission, one of hundreds for the pair of goblin bounty hunters, tracking down some of the most heartless, ruthless pirates the solar system has known. Battle hardened and determined, Gib and Gob fight their way through the vast darkness of space, navigating their craft through various star clusters, asteroid belts and hostile moons, closing in on their next target. Will you join them on their quest to track down a vicious outlaw of the Slanina region, will you follow in their footsteps as the net closes in on their bounty, and will you dare to watch as the final confrontation ensues between them and what may prove to be their most dangerous adversary yet?

The Hills I Call Home

The Hills I Call Home is an exploration into the town of Beattyville, a rural settlement located deep in the heart of the American Appalachian mountains. Though it's one of America's poorest towns - it's home to a tight-knit community who binds together to push through hard times.





Henry is a 20 year-old American studying Georgian folk music.
He is gay and has a strange habit. At night he likes to sing in the park for his amusement. One night, this strange habit gets him into an adventure where he will be a hostage, victim, fiance, sweetheart, knight and participant in a strange exotic tradition and finally the gay boy’s humanity character saved one girl’s life.



Last Call For Tomorrow

Last Call for Tomorrow, reflects on the crisis' facing all life on Earth. We are witnessing the 6th Mass Extinction of our planet. We are loosing about 200 species a day. Humanity has killed 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plants. Of the birds left in the world, 70% are poultry chickens and other farmed birds. Global industrial pollution is killing over 9 million people a year, through bad air and water. What recourse can the people take, when there are no effective institutions to deal with the global one world order. We face a clear choice: radical political transformation or deepening mass extinction. To secure a sustainable future, we must change how we think, who we are, and how we live.


The Telling Tale

A King and Queen struggle to help their daughter who has a mysterious illness. Based on an old folk-tale.





Olivia knows there is something wrong with her grandpa. He has been slowing down and unable to play his cello. In fact, master cellist Ansel Evans has been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). As his body shuts down, he makes the difficult decision to minimize the suffering for his closest loved ones by planning a farewell concert. But this decision won't be an easy one to explain to Olivia.




On The Hunt

Age is a frame of mind and hasn't slowed down Jack's love of hunting. Through different tactics and manipulations the hunt goes on...but just what is he hunting?




Sword Trales: An 8- Bit Adventure Short Film

In a short film with the visuals and aesthetic of 1980s video games, an adventurous traveler stumbles upon a small village frightened by a mysterious tyrant.





The Truth About Us

A well-intentioned couples game night spins out of control when booze, relationships, and secrets become mixed together.






Infernal Gluttony II

An artistic vision of autophagia. Sequel to infernal gluttony, infernal Gluttony 2 explore the multiple ways of consuming yourself. A man, guided by his hunger decide to eat every part of his own body. This madness keeps going until reality and psychosis flirt with each other.




Let Go

A family in turmoil gets a second chance at closure after the death of their mother.

Truth, A Serum

A pair of traveling salesman head home from a sales conference, only to realize they've swapped their product with a case of Truth Serum!





Time Alone

A guy spends some time alone during quarantine.
But is he really alone?



The Choice

A seemingly simple choice, like that of a dress to wear on a date, can sometimes turn out to be actually very difficult to make.
After falling prey to her own many doubts and thoughts, the protagonist will find a solution by relying on her instinct.




Without Grace

Lucas loses his faith after the death of his wife. His friends try to help him move on by setting him up on a few blind dates that fail miserably. In the end, it's Lucas who learns what's important and how to live without Grace.





The Peach Scarf

While browsing in the market, Daisy is distracted by a bird who has stolen a scarf from a pretty stranger, Camille. She hops to action to help reclaim the scarf for Camille, but runs into trouble along the way. Undeterred, Daisy finds her own way to restore the beloved peach scarf to Camille.




Slow Burn

After a traumatic miscarriage, a woman suffering from PTSD resists her husband's attempts to get her to use medical marijuana to curb her symptoms.



Ansel's Elgar by Lynn Harrell

A mesmerizing dance performance video for a four minute adaptation of Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto in E minor, Opus 85