Reel Cinema Fest

Mother's Hand

Happy Mother's Day we thank all the mothers of this planet for taking care of the children.

This beautiful song is dedicated to all the wonderful mothers on our planet.





Handball Legend Brought Back To Life

This short documentary recalls the popular sport of handball and one of its legends. That legend was Mr Morris Levitsky, also known Morris Levitsky, aka Morris "Moishe" Novitsky". Mr. Levitsky, was one of the seminal characters in this unique sport from the mid 1920 to end of the century. The Rare Archival footage in this piece, depicts both the sport, and the Coney Island era, and brought the past back to life for me. But perhaps a strange parallelism is the substory, of how this well-known advocate of the sport, Mr Levitsky, also faced the situation where he was miraculously "brought back to life!".





Time Saver

After stumbling upon a watch by his deceased girlfriend, a man unintentionally goes back in time that causes his past relationships to crumble.







An ordinary schoolgirl's life unravels after an evil creature takes over her body. Only her mother, with the help of a strange doctor, will be able to save her.






Minor Key

The moving story about a man locked in a Portuguese Fado.







Harlan lost her daughter to suicide. She suffers from Schizoaffective Disorder, where her daughter shows up as a hallucination to taunt Harlan with the guilt of losing her. Harlan must fight to let go of her past to survive.






The Paul Sabin Story

In Chicago, Illinois, a local entertainment reporter, Lisa (Stacey Miner), is interviewing friends and family about a local actor. A Paparazzi photographer (Lucas Craig) and an Escort (Polly Cassiday Doyle) set out to ruin the acting career of Paul Sabin (Jesse Connell) using Paul's mothers death. Paul had lost his passion for acting, but his agent Mike (Danny Babolcsay) convinced him to go back to work. After a video tape was released with Paul and the Escort in a motel room, Paul turned to drugs and alcohol to ease his pain. They ended up ruining his career and his life. 



Taking Hollywood By Storm - The Weatherwax Trained Dogs

The behind-the-scenes story of Hollywood's beloved iconic dogs and the two men who trained them -- Rudd and Bob Weatherwax.






That Thing Between Us

Their relationship is reached a point, where they cannot be in the same room. Without falling asleep...






Space War! Episode #29
The epic battle between the Sockulars and the Shoevians continue! Can the heroic Sockulars survive?




Our hero is surrounded by four men who resemble his looks, each one of them representing a piece of his soul; perhaps an early memory or a moment in his life that dramatically affected him.




The Last Call

This Today is legendary radio DJ Harry Cunningham's final day working at WHUD FM radio before he makes the transition to XM. He came into work expecting to just do a clip show, takes some calls, and say his goodbyes. However, when a strange caller demands he unearth a dark secret live over the radio, Harry refuses. One by one everyone in the station is being picked off by this strange caller who only has one the tape or DIE.






A bickering family on a road trip stops at a gas station. Murielle, the mother, insists on having the car washed.   




The neighbor showing up at eight o'clock in the morning in her bathrobe, that’s normal for you? 


The Quiet

When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.

The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?






Cooking With Your Mouth

The kitchen is meant to be a safe environment for people to freely express themselves. But anxieties around the dangers of sharp knives, blenders, mandolins and whisks can suppress one's creative culinary potential. So we’ve created mouth cooking to combat risks and reintroduce fun into the kitchen. 


Married and Loving It

Set on the eve of their ten year anniversary a Husband and Wife struggle to keep love and passion alive while their marriage rest on the fence between romance and toxicity. Married and Loving It is told in five separate, explosive chapters that tip toe the line between the obscene and the funny, between dramatic and offensive, and with an explosive finale never before seen in cinematic history.



The Perfect Gangster

Will Parker is looking for the Perfect Gangster while meeting with various New York mobsters. One of them in particular, John Alite, will introduce him to various murder stories related to New York Mafia... 





Joe Returns A Video

Joe realizes that his rental of Steven Seagal's above the law is overdue by 10,592 days. 








Dating is hard. Especially when you’re married. Nothing is what appears to be in this short romantic-comedy about two people who find each other on a very special dating app. You just can’t trust what you read anymore.







Flint, their own words

Around the turn of the century, General Motors moved out of Flint, Michigan. Flint was known, and is still known as Vehicle City. When GM left, it created a huge vacuum of unemployment, which was filled by drugs and violence. Then, came the water crises. This short documentary tells the saga of Flint, Michigan in the words of some of it's residents. In the words of one "Flintstone" as residents liked to be called, "you have a right to be angry."



The Boogie Man

A young, determined dancer finds herself mixed up in a showdown with a mysterious presence concealed behind a closet door.







Behind the Counter

Behind the Counter is a short film about a young man fleeing his broken home for a better life. However, before he can flee his small town, he decides to rob the local convenience store for quick cash.



SKOTIA- A Supernatural Thriller/Drama. A group of friends find themselves confronted with their demons; but they neglect the road of escape.   




What Remains

Following a military operation in Mali, Damien is subject to post-traumatic stress disorder. Back into his family, he does not feel like he belongs anymore. 








A hypochondriac, so engrossed in symptoms, makes a diagnosis for the woman he adores.   








Urination Complication

A girl on the road just needs to pee...but if only she could find a spot.





Several years after his wife's passing, a man decides to get back into the dating scene with a little help from his son's advice.






The Betrayed Friend
Jim Hemingway was enjoying retired cop life until a friend persuades him to come out for a drink.





Not too long ago in the Wild West, Billy the Kid a 12 year old kid discovers a skull from an unknown creature in his backyard. Out of the blue the skull comes to life in the form of a spirit to avenge for a murder 20 years ago so he can rest in peace. Now Billy must travel and find the killer who framed the wandering soul.  






Kenya's Symphony

A bold, five year old girl reluctantly attends her very first symphony concert with her mother, wreaking havoc with a straw and spitballs to entertain herself! But soon, she discovers the musical gift hidden within her spirit!  







Smart Phone Serenade - Official Music Video

A girl and her love for her smart phone.



The Beauty of Fire

A poetic meditation of love and loss. 



There's Something In The Woods

A husband and wife venture deep into the woods to save their newborn from a witch.







Is That...You?

4 Friends travel forward in time to find that more has changed than hairstyles and technology. Can they figure out how to stay true to who they are and make sure their friendship transcends time?






100 for 19

The women of Project 19 are training to complete a 100 way head down women's skydiving world record to commemorate the centennial of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution. This short outlines the project and follows two women training for it. One who battles terminal brain cancer and another who recovered from serious skydiving injuries.





Missing Peace 

Recently widowed Aaren (Clarisse Behr) is a young woman living alone on her farm in the mountains. As she struggles to create stability in her daily routine, Aaren wrestles with tasks for which she once relied on her husband. To aid with repairs around the farm, she enlists the help of Jack (Willy Adkins), an unassuming neighbor who has had to cope with the loss of his own wife.

Over the course of Jack's frequent visits, his and Aaren's feelings for each other grow, but Aaren is tentative about moving on. Spurred by words of fatherly wisdom from her cheeky neighbor, Paul, (Chuck Winstead-Brown) Aaren is faced with the decisive question: Should she try to pick up the pieces of her old life, or can she find the courage to build a new one?